History Students’ Association Listserv for 24 January

Your home, once the holiest of all, has become the most licentious den of thieves, the most shameless of all brothels, the kingdom of sin, death, and hell. It is so bad that… Continue reading

History Students’ Association Listserv for 18 January

“Pray good people be civil, I am the Protestant whore” Nell Gwyn, mistress of King Charles II, to a mob of angry Puritans that confused her with one of Charles’ Catholic dalliances Tweet… Continue reading

History Students’ Association Listserv for 10 January

“I have a terrific headache.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s last words (before dying of a cerebral hemorrhage) Tweet of the Week! (@HSA_McGill) March 1759: British courtesan Kitty Fisher “accidentally” falls off her horse in… Continue reading

History Students’ Association Listserv for 4 January

“My people and I,” he said, “have come to an agreement which satisfies us both. They are to say what they please, and I am to do what I please.” Frederick the Great,… Continue reading

Remembering the Wall: Ego-histories of the European Fall of 1989

“Where were you 25 years ago when the Berlin Wall fell?” Personally, in 1989 I only existed as a poorly thought out idea in my parents’ heads. However, Professors Lüthi, Szapor, Beck and… Continue reading

History Students’ Association Listserv for 9 November

What else can one say here, except that these ideas originate in your own wanton concoctions, or in a drunken dream? – Martin Luther, On My Last Minute Paper Prospectus (just kidding, it’s from The… Continue reading

FourLores – A Night With Marxist Vampires, Cairene Witches, Medieval Ghosts, and Latin American Devils

I’m sorry Abraham Lincoln, I’mma let you finish, but Karl Marx remains the greatest vampire hunter of all time. On the night of the 30th, Professor Gavin Walker will tell you why, in… Continue reading

History Students’ Association Listserv for 26 October 2014

“Give me chastity and continence, but not yet.” – Saint Augustine of Hippo (not just a regular saint) – Tweet of the Week! (@HSA_McGill) – In her letters home, Princess Palatine Elizabeth Charlotte… Continue reading

Historical Discourses is Online!

Here is an electronic version of the 2013-14 version of the undergraduate journal of McGill’s Department of History Historical Discourses! Congrats to editors-in-chief Sarah Balakrishnan and Matthew Signer, and all the contributors and… Continue reading

HSA Wine and Cheese and Historical Discourses Launch

  Come join the HSA and the Department of History and Classics for some wine, cheese, and pleasant company! The HSA is hosting its annual Wine and Cheese and Historical Discourses Launch on Friday the 11th April… Continue reading